Iggy Pop discusses his wild Stooges years

Via GuitarWorld:

When they self-destructed on a Michigan stage in 1973, The Stooges lived on in memory only. After recording their first album in 35 years, Iggy Pop recalls his wild years with The Stooges, stealing his style from the Egyptians and his regrets in the latest issue of Guitar World (on stands now).

On his wild years with The Stooges: “We were all pulling chicks every weekend. We had absolutely no respect whatsoever for the conventions of human life or civilization.”

On The Stooges “look”: “The Stooges were conceived in the University of Michigan undergraduate library. I got the idea to sing shirtless from a book that I read on Egyptology. I kept looking at the pharaohs and thought, these guys look bitchin’, they never wear shirts.”

On regretting his past: “I don’t voice my regrets; I use them. If there’s something I’m disappointed in, I try to use it in the requisite improvement.”

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