In Touch Weekly: Demi Moore’s Rehab Nightmare (Photo)

In Touch Weekly: Demi Moore's Rehab Nightmare (Photo)

On the latest cover of In Touch Weekly, Demi Moore is apparently battling some demons with alcohol and anorexia.

All of this comes in the wake of her husband, Ashton Kutcher’s cheating scandal. He was rumored to be hooking up with Sara Leal on his and Demi’s sixth wedding anniversary. He even told Sara that he was separated from Demi and she believed him. Something completely reeks about this story, doesn’t it?

The tabloid is claiming that Demi is under pressure to keep her much younger husband and it has sent her into a tailspin. They must think they’ve got some exclusive look into her “private struggle”, but I’m not buying it. They have been super private already and they have been keeping mum on the topic of their marriage. So it’s kind of obvious by now that they’re working things out.

Also featured in this issue is Sara Leal, who is famewhoring out this story to anyone who will listen. She must’ve gave everyone interviews since she wasn’t able to squeeze Ashton for any cash.

What do you think?

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