In Touch Weekly: Kris Jenner Forces Bruce To Get Plastic Surgery (Photo)

In Touch Weekly: Kris Jenner Forces Bruce To Get Plastic Surgery (Photo)

Reality star and momager Kris Jenner appears on the latest cover of “In Touch Weekly” and it appears that the tabloid is really out for blood. In case you hadn’t noticed, “In Touch” has really had it out for Kris lately. For the past few weeks, Kris has appeared on their covers. With their Robert Kardashian diaries, “ITW” has really torn into her.

Of course, these Kardashian broads really do make themselves a target for any kind of media backlash, so naturally we’re going to report on this stuff. According to the tabloid’s report, Kris has been forcing her husband Bruce Jenner to get plastic surgery. She’s creating her own Frankenweenie. Ha.

We know how much Kris really loves going under the knife. Heck, she did that to herself when she got a facelift for her daughter Kim’s wedding. So why wouldn’t she try to force her hubby into having some work done? You can tell that he has already had stuff done, he’s a shell of what he used to look like.

The magazine reports that Kris has also made Bruce leave his other family behind. That could be because she’s greedy?!? But that’s just a hunch. In addition, she reportedly controls his spending, which we could see happening….she looks like she’d be a total control freak.

Lastly, the tabloid claims that Kris paid off her lover with $15,000! She got him cheap!!

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