In Touch Weekly: The Kardashians Tormented By Their Bodies!

In Touch Weekly just revealed their latest magazine cover, showing the Kardashian sisters. Apparently Kim, Kourtney and Khloe are all tormented by their bodies.

This cover is absolutely hilarious. Their caption says that Kourtney is being pressured to get Botox, while Khloe has put her baby plans on hold to have liposuction done due to her mother Kris calling her “fat.” And of course, they don’t leave out Kim, who they say has agreed to super-size her butt implants to stay famous.

It’s official, In Touch is all out of ideas…but we’re still inclined to believe that the one about Kim might actually be true. Can she just roll up to the plastic surgeon’s office and tell them to super-size that sucker like a Biggie order of french fries?? Or has she already done that? The jury is still out.

In Touch has also allocated a few pixels to Bristol Palin’s new face, which looks creepy. She’s already telling tall tales about having the “medically necessary” surgery to correct her jaw. Still, she’s got that joker face thing going on, don’t you think?

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