Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

Is Kim Kardashian Pregnant?

Now that the news is out that Kim Kardashian is engaged to Kris Humphries, we have to wonder if she’s knocked up by him. Seriously. She’s been married before and was spotted with Gabriel Aubry and Kanye West right before dating Kris.

They’ve only been dating for six months and the guy has already popped the question?!??

And this is not to say that a girl can’t get engaged to be married out of love, but we’re curious…. Why the rush? There’s plenty of time to get hitched, isn’t there?

She dated Reggie Bush for a long time and the idea of marriage didn’t come up. Besides all of that, is Kris insane? He plopped down a whopping two million for her ring and it’s 20.5 carats. Holy crap, that’s huge.

Is that a ploy to throw everyone off? Perhaps it’s a bonus because she’s knocked up? We have so many questions. Aren’t you curious?

In the photo of them on the cover of People magazine, both of their hands are on her belly. Is there a baby in there? Do you care?

Inquiring minds wanna know!!

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