Is Twilight Actress Nikki Reed Pregnant? (Photo) [Updated: Denial]

Is Twilight Actress Nikki Reed Pregnant? (Photo)

There is a rumor running rampant across the internet, stating that one of the actresses from The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn is pregnant! Could it be Nikki Reed?!??

Babble reports:

Nikki, who wore a gorgeous Grecian floor-length gown, looked radiant at the premiere of Breaking Dawn in Los Angeles.

While the actress just tied the knot with her hubby, former American Idol contestant Paul McDonald, there’s a good chance she might be expecting.

She looked really cute in that dress, didn’t she? Do you think that she’s got a bump hiding under there? Anything is possible, right? Our only other guess would be Kristen Stewart, but she’s still way too young to have a real life baby with her boyfriend, Robert Pattinson, right?

View the other photos at the source and let us know what you think!

Update: They’ve already issued a denial.

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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