Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Good Samaritan

Jake Gyllenhaal Is A Good Samaritan

Jake Gyllenhaal is a good samaritan!

Recently, Jake committed some random acts of kindness by deciding to fill up several parking meters in Los Angeles after seeing a traffic cop making the rounds to issue tickets.

He was walking back to his car after spending some time shopping when he saw an officer lurking around some parked cars. So Jake did the nice guy thing and fed the meters up with change.

A witness said, “Jake was shopping in Beverly Hills and noticed a few parking meters were about to expire. And he saw that the parking enforcers were standing right there, waiting to issue tickets when they ran out.”

So, he fished out some spare change from his pocket and proceeded to feed the meters in order for the drivers of the cars to avoid getting ticketed. What a great guy!

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