Jake Gyllenhaal & Jenny Lewis are just friends

Jake Gyllenhaal & Jenny Lewis are just friends

Jake Gyllenhaal showed up to the Golden Globes on Sunday night with his ex-girlfriend, Jenny Lewis in tow. But don’t read anything into that, because according to reports, the former couple are just friends.

An inside source said, “Jake and ex-girlfriend Jenny Lewis went to the Globes as friends. Jake and Jenny haven’t dated for years. They’re still friends, and they went as friends.”

After splitting with Taylor Swift just a couple of weeks ago, it was thought that he was trying to get back together with his ex. But not so fast! She’s still dating her boyfriend, Johnathan Rice. The source added, “Jenny and Johnny have been together a long time. They just released a record together in the summer. They haven’t broken up.”

And there you have it! Jake is still a free agent, ladies (and gents).

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