James Deen Gives Details Of Farrah Abraham’s Sex Tape Plan

James Deen Gives Details Of Farrah Abraham's Sex Tape Plan

Porn star James Deen made Farrah Abraham look like a total idiot when it came to their sex tape/porno shoot. Recently, they were spotted holding hands leaving a building together. Naturally, people thought they were dating. When asked, James came right out and told the media that he had filmed a sex tape with Farrah. He had no reason to lie so she could profit from a “leaked” tape and obviously didn’t sign a confidentiality agreement, so he gave us the heads up on exactly what went down.

He started, “Essentially, this is what happened. I was approached and we had this long conversation about how I was the wrong person for the job. Not to be arrogant because I’m not famous, but people that are watching porno, I’m in porn and they would say, ‘Hey look it’s James Deen in this porno.’ [Those in negotiations] said ‘No, it’s fine. We want to set this up like you and her are dating’ and I’m like no, absolutely not.”

He went on to say, “They were like, ‘No, it’s going to be great: we’ll set you up on a date and call the paparazzi’ and I’m like no, that sounds like the worst experience of my life. Absolutely not going to do that. I think what happened now, the company has its marketing strategy, she and her people have their marketing strategy. I don’t really care, but why can’t the marketing strategy be, ‘It’s gonna be cool! Wanna see it? World’s best porno comin’ out soon!'”

He continued, “I picked her up from her hotel room and drove her to set, somebody took a picture of us walking out of the hotel room. I get a call the next morning asking if we’re dating, I say no and they said, ‘Well what were you doing’ and I said we were shooting a porno. Now there’s this whole thing. They’re saying please don’t say any details and I’m like, I have no desire to say anything to anyone. To me, this isn’t even a story. But, also, I do porn every day.”

When asked how he got entangled with controversial actresses, he said, “I don’t know. Maybe I’m the new sex tape. Oh wow, that’s gonna be a good headline. But I mean, sex tapes are played out and everyone knows they’re fake now. Like the Kim Kardashian one – everyone’s like, that’s obviously fake. She was paid a bunch of money to make a sex tape with her boyfriend. And the Tila Tequila one, everyone’s like, oh wait, that girl does porn, she’s just in this movie with her.”

He added, “I think everybody has kind of figured out that sex tapes are a hoax, so I think now management is like, you should just hang out with James Deen. It’ll be like you’re doing a sex tape — it’ll be the same drama and controversy and stuff, it’ll be all crazy. Or maybe I’m just in … a place at … a time? I don’t even know.”

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