James Deen Talks Lindsay Lohan & ‘The Canyons’

James Deen Talks Lindsay Lohan & 'The Canyons'

Just recently, an article came out in the L.A. Times calling Lindsay Lohan a pain in the butt on the set of her latest flick “The Canyons”. Now, her co-star James Deen is speaking out about the article, nudity and the movie itself.

He said of the article, “The best way I can describe it is actual life events reflected in a mirror and then retold for dramatic effect. It’s accurate enough that it can’t be said that it’s not; it’s not a lie. But it’s twisted enough that if you were actually there you’re like, ‘Wait. That’s not exactly what happened.'”

James said that prior to working with Lindsay, he hadn’t seen any of her work, so basically he had no idea of what to expect. In case you hadn’t heard, there is an audio clip of Lindsay cursing at James telling him to do his job. To that, he said, “It’s just the delicate ego of the Hollywood person. I’ve learned that most people in the Hollywood mainstream world are so delicate, fragile and egotistical. [Comments like mine] really f*** with their heads.”

With regard to their sex scene in the movie, he revealed, “The Times said there were a bunch of other porn stars there, but that’s not right. It wasn’t like we were all having sex and an orgy in the bedroom! During rehearsal, everyone was talking the scene to death. Schrader was so uncomfortable. I think the issue was every other [cast member] was so comfortable, it made Lindsay feel like she didn’t matter. I think Lindsay wanted [the nudity] to be a bigger deal than it was. She needs attention. [She wanted the crew to be naked] and they just laughed. So Schrader is freaking out and then this is what actually happened: Schrader looked her in the eye and said, ‘I’m not making my f***ing crew do that. But you know what?’ strips his clothes off except for his socks, walks to the monitor, and says, ‘Action.’ And Lindsay ran out from the closet, giggling like crazy, and we shot the scene. One take.”

Lastly, he talked of his future career after “The Canyons”. He said, “Hollywood is always going to see me as ‘that porn guy’. There is no way to avoid it. I do adult because it’s what I love. I’m not going to be the next Brad Pitt or Marlon Brando. I’m that porn guy. And after [The Canyons] comes out, I’m still going to be that porn guy. And maybe I’ll be that porn guy who gets offered a little indie every now and then.”

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