James Durbin Is Now Planning His Wedding

James Durbin Is Now Planning His Wedding

It looks like James Durbin’s shocking American Idol elimination has an upside! Now that the singer has been voted off of the popular singing competition, he has time to plan his wedding!

He too, was caught off guard by the elimination episode last Thursday, but says that he was reassured by his girlfriend Heidi. He said, “She said she loves me to death and it’s all that really matters. Looking back, I auditioned because we couldn’t afford diapers – and I don’t think I have to worry about affording diapers now.”

He went on to reveal that he started dating Heidi, and that she changed him for the better. He said, “I was 19 with no car, no money, no license, no diploma. I was as low as you could get. I met her and everything changed and I wanted to be a better person.”

Looking to the future, James says that he is stoked to appear on the Idol summer tour and hopes to begin working on his debut album soon. Still, he has bigger plans before making all of that happen — he wants to get married!

He said, “Stefano will be my best man. Paul will be a groomsman.”

Are you excited for James to start the next chapter in his life? You don’t always have to win the show to make it big! Let us know your thoughts!

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