Jealous Billy Ray Cyrus tried stealing spotlight from Miley

Jealous Billy Ray Cyrus tried stealing spotlight from Miley

Disney show Hannah Montana made the name Miley Cyrus a household name, but rumor has it that her father Billy Ray was completely jealous of her!

Billy Ray gave an interesting interview to GQ recently where he said that he was scared for her. According to reports, the mulletted one had an ulterior motive for talking about her to the media.

An inside snitch said that Billy Ray “totally pushed Miley into being a star!”

Another source said it was all because of the green-eyed monster, jealous. The source said, “He was always upset he didn’t get as much attention as Miley. This is his way of stealing the spotlight.”

Billy Ray also said in that GQ spot that he never profited from his daughter, but another insider is calling BS on that claim. The snitch said, “Let’s face it: Hannah Montana revived his career as much as it made Miley’s.”

Do you think Billy Ray is jealous of Miley???

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