Jennifer Aniston: A Wedding & A Baby With Justin Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston: A Wedding & A Baby With Justin Theroux?

According to the latest issue of Life & Style magazine, Jennifer Aniston is having a wedding and a baby with boyfriend Justin Theroux. At this point, we think that the good folks over at Life & Style are really running out of ideas when it comes to Jennifer and her uterus.

She has denied the baby and marriage rumors on countless occasions. But apparently Life & Style wants their readers to believe that they’ve got the inside scoop on what Jen and Justin are planning for their lives.

From the cover:

On their first anniversary, Jen and Justin make it official. Now the happy couple tell friends, “Our dreams have come true!”

Yes, their dreams have come true. That is, if their dreams consisted of a metric ton of lies being printed about them on a weekly basis. How many times does she have to deny this before the tabloids get it through their heads?

The magazine also has proof that Ben Flajnik and Courtney Robertson are faking their romance. Yes, he was pictured with another woman recently, which is quite scandalous if they’re continuing to try and perpetuate their reality TV romance.

In addition, the magazine claims that Kim Kardashian is back with Kanye West and Katy Perry is involved in a “revenge romance”. Will you pick up this week’s issue?

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