Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux To Live Apart?

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux To Live Apart?

According to reports, things are getting pretty bad between Jennifer Aniston and her boyfriend Justin Theroux. So bad, in fact, that they are thinking about moving apart from one another. Sources have revealed that the couple already have separate living areas in the Bellaire mansion that they just bought. Wow, who knew that things were really getting that bad? They sure look happy when they’re out and about together.

A source said, “They’ll share a bedroom and other rooms, but both need their space and decided that the best way for the relationship to survive is for each of them to have separate sections of the house that are exclusively their own. Jen and Justin fight a lot, so she figures it’s better if she has an escape in the house they need to get away from each other.”

Interesting. So perhaps this just means that in their huge home, they have a room that they can call their own without outside interference from their significant other? That doesn’t sound like a bad plan at all, when you think about it.

It wasn’t a problem for the happy couple until they both recently started feeling trapped and emotionally suffocated with each other. It doesn’t help that he really wanted to live in New York City, but she wanted them out in Los Angeles. Deep down, sources have revealed that the move to L.A. has gotten Justin annoyed.

It doesn’t sound like they are gearing up for a split any time soon, so perhaps they just each need their own privacy? That is totally understand. What do you think of their living situation?

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