Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Wedding Details

Jennifer Aniston & Justin Theroux Wedding Details

OK! magazine claims to have the scoop on the wedding details between former Friends actress Jennifer Aniston and her fiance, Justin Theroux.

The magazine states that there is going to be a secret sunset wedding – where we’re guessing that only friends and family will get invited to. In addition, apparently Theroux made a tearful promise to Aniston. Of course, this wouldn’t be at all complete unless Aniston gave her love a $1.5 million gift! What on earth could that be — a house? A car?

Also there’s an arrow pointing to Aniston’s mid-section with the tabloid’s “baby update” on the actress. Notice that they’ve Photoshopped the dress that she wore to her premiere of We’re The Millers? The dress is the same, but the actual one she wore was lavender. Isn’t it funny how they’re trying to stir up more baby drama for Aniston — like there hasn’t been enough of that floating around already?!?

What do you think?

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