Jennifer Aniston Makes Justin Theroux Go To Therapy?

Jennifer Aniston Makes Justin Theroux Go To Therapy?

Jennifer Aniston and her fiance Justin Theroux have said to be experiencing their own share of problems, so that’s what makes this story somewhat believable. Reportedly, Jennifer has forced Justin into therapy!

They’ve been making plans to walk down the aisle together, but the event hasn’t actually happened yet. It’s been postponed for a myriad of reasons, leaving Jennifer wondering what’s going on. So, in order to get him to commit to a date for their nuptials, she has made him seek out counseling.

A source close to the situation said, “Jennifer finally saw the writing on the wall as Justin – who does love her, no question – got freaked and made every excuse to delay their ‘summer wedding’.”

There were reports that the duo wanted to tie the knot at their Bel Air mansion, but that the mansion’s remodeling job wasn’t complete so they had to delay the wedding. Later, it was said that he wanted to delay the wedding so that he could allegedly focus on his career.

The source said, “First he blamed their work schedules, and supposed construction delays on their multimillion-dollar Bel- Air mansion. Then he told Jen he wanted to wait until he had time to take her on a ‘real’ honeymoon, even though she’s told him she’s happy to put a honeymoon on hold.”

The source continued, “Finally, Jen realized Justin was pulling away from her. She begged him to tell her what was bothering him — and he dropped the bomb, admitting that the idea of marriage just freaks him out. He loves her, but doesn’t understand why they just can’t continue living together the way they are now. Jennifer was devastated!”

We can imagine she was devastated, she was probably wanting to be Mrs. Justin Theroux by now!

The source added, “At first, Justin was reluctant, but finally agreed. He’s already closeted with a therapist – and Jen’s actually participating in the sessions.”

Will it work?

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