Jennifer Aniston Obsessed With Brad Pitt?

Jennifer Aniston Obsessed With Brad Pitt?

Jennifer Aniston has moved on from Brad Pitt a long time ago, but there are rumors that persist that she is still obsessed with her ex-husband. Jennifer is currently engaged to her beau Justin Theroux, while Brad is engaged to Angelina Jolie — but the rumors of her holding a candle for him are still making headway.

The National Enquirer reveals that Jen has turned to one-on-one therapy in order to deal with her obsession with Brad. Uh huh, we are so sure that’s happening! Not that she can’t be in therapy at all, but it’s been a long time since they’ve been together — why would she move on with a new guy if she were still obsessed with Brad?!?

A source told the tabloid, “From time to time, she even pulls out a box of mementos she’s kept – love letters, her handwritten wedding vows, pictures from their romantic vacations abroad, even one of Brad’s old, ratty T-shirts that she claims still has his smell on it.”

We’re totally calling BS on the ratty T-shirt that smells like Brad. Cologne fades, yo. It’s not like he would’ve been wearing the shirt yesterday. They’ve been divorced since 2005 – that shirt (if it exists) does NOT still smell like him. Either way, they are making Jennifer out to be some kind of T-shirt hoarding/sniffing stalker-esque type, which we think is NOT the case.

The tabloid’s source claims that Jen is so consumed by Brad that she has her BFF’s (Courteney Cox) friend David Fincher actually spying on him. The source said, “Jen’s always encouraging Courteney to set up dinner dates with David so she can pump him for updates. She tells Courteney she’s only interested in knowing what Brad and Angie’s wedding plans are so that they don’t conflict with her own. But Courteney knows her interest runs deeper.”

The spy continued that Justin “would hit the roof if he knew how much Jen still pines over him…she’s beginning to think it could wreck their relationship, so she’s gone back into one-on-one counseling – she really wants to dig the old skeletons out of her closet so she can be emotionally unburdened before she walks down the aisle with Justin.”

The snitch added, “Jen realizes that it’s high time she let go of her unhealthy attachment to Brad…he has obviously moved on with his life — and the truth is, Jen’s very, very happy with Justin too. But Brad is like some kind of a ghost who constantly haunts her.”

We’re NOT buying this for one minute…Are YOU?

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