Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Twins?

Jennifer Aniston Pregnant With Twins?

According to the latest issue of Star magazine, Jennifer Aniston is pregnant! Not only that, but they’re reporting that she actually has two buns in the oven!

After months of fertility treatments, her dreams have come true. These people have actually made up more baby rumors than you can imagine for this woman. Can’t they get it through their heads? Jen isn’t knocked up and she’s not getting married to Justin Theroux anytime soon. The only dream that this is making come true is Star’s dream to sell gazillions of magazines.

Also featured in this issue is Kim Kardashian selling off all of her wedding gifts so that she can purchase Rolex watches. Kris Humphries is said to be furious about this. Primarily because he was a part of the wedding, too, and she’s seemingly keeping everything AND getting a fat tax write-off.

Last but not least, they’ve also got a story on Miley Cyrus regarding an “overdose scare”. Is Miley OD’ing on Salvia? Ha. Just kidding, IT’S LEGAL, YO.

Photo Credit: Star Magazine

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