Jennifer Aniston Still Isn’t Pregnant

Jennifer Aniston Still Isn't Pregnant

Jennifer Aniston still isn’t pregnant — no matter how many times that the tabloids try to convince you otherwise. “OK!” magazine is reporting that Aniston is “finally pregnant” and has unveiled her baby bump at a movie premiere on August 27th. Not only that, but the magazine wants us to believe that she has had IVF in order to conceive a child with her fiance Justin Theroux. At 45-years-old, it’s not out of the realm of possibility to conceive using IVF, but after all of this time, we highly doubt that Aniston is looking to have a child.

They even have a fake quote from Aniston, saying, “I feel like life has just started!”

Surely if she said that it wasn’t about having a baby. In fact, we don’t ever think that she will want babies and that is just fine. Like she has said in the past, her worth as a woman is not determined by whether or not she is a mother.

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