Jennifer Aniston’s Pregnant And Alone — Again!

Jennifer Aniston's Pregnant And Alone -- Again!

According to the latest issue of OK! magazine, former Friends actress Jennifer Aniston is pregnant and without her fiance Justin Theroux. It’s almost as if the tabloids absolutely cannot get enough of the speculation as to the contents of her uterus and her relationship status. We have heard many, many, MANY times before how things aren’t working out for Jennifer and Justin and how she is having a baby all by herself. It’s sad, really, that the tabloids can continue to report nonsense and old ladies at the grocery stores will continue to eat this up.

Ugh. Seriously. Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux are still together and aren’t pregnant. The rumors are getting so bad that if she ever does announce a pregnancy, everyone will say “We called it!” and no one will believe it.

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