Jennifer Lopez Betrayed By Casper Smart On Her Birthday?

Jennifer Lopez Betrayed By Casper Smart On Her Birthday?

Former “American Idol” judge Jennifer Lopez and her boy toy boyfriend Casper Smart are featured on the cover of the latest issue of “Star” magazine with the story that J-Lo has been betrayed on her birthday. The magazine took a photo that was widely publicized of Casper’s visit to a video store/peep show and it’s now a scandal. You’re welcome.

According to the tabloid, Casper was caught in a gay sex club, with a witness saying, “I’ve seen him here before.” In addition, her former husband Marc Anthony slams J-Lo, saying, “Dump him or I’ll take the kids!”

We can’t really believe that Marc would give Jennifer such an ultimatum, considering that he’s been dating Shannon De Lima, who is 24. Casper is 25-years-old, so him telling J-Lo to dump him is just ludicrous.

Also featured in this issue are Mila Kunis and Ashton Kutcher, who are apparently hiding some big secret. In addition, what happened to Jennifer Aniston’s face? I dunno, it might be called “acting”, but what do we know, we just report the news. Lastly, the magazine poses the idea that Kristen Stewart might be pregnant and asks who’ll be the father?

Oh, “Star” magazine, please never change and stop giving babies to people.

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