Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Have Broken Up

Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Have Broken Up

Jennifer Lopez has called it quits with her former flame Casper Smart. According to the gossip surrounding J-Lo and her main squeeze, he was said to be texting racy messages to a transgendered woman, which in turn, caused Jennifer to be furious.

Sources close to the former couple say that their breakup has nothing to do with his sexting habit and have revealed that they had actually gone their separate ways a couple of months ago.

Another source close to the situation revealed that Jennifer sought out advice from her ex-husband Marc Anthony before calling time on her relationship with Casper. The spy said, “One person she got advice from is her ex Marc. He’s been supportive and great through this all.”

Despite going their separate ways, she and Casper will remain amicable and will be close friends. Apparently, she and her two children Max and Emme have developed a bond with Casper. The source said, “She will definitely still keep things civil and actually still loves him. The hard part is the kids love him too. He has become a part of her family. It’s not going to be one of those breakups where you never see them together again.”

One source said that the breakup wasn’t a direct result of Casper’s alleged online flirtations with other women. Reportedly, these two crazy kids just grew apart, so Jennifer manned up and broke things off. The spy added, “Casper has been a single guy and can text or see whoever he wants, but the idea that he was knowingly texting a transsexual is laughable. He’s not that guy, but like a lot of single guys online he obviously likes to look at a ‘lil T and A.”

We are sure that it was pretty hard on him to lose his allowance of $10,000 per month, but he can sure enjoy the truck that she bought for him as a nice parting gift.

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