Jennifer Lopez Faked Bronx Fiat Video Ad

Jennifer Lopez Faked Bronx Fiat Video Ad

Jennifer Lopez actually faked her involvement in her new FIAT commercial! Who knew?!?

Sure, it looks like Jenny went back to the “block”, but in reality, she was just on a film set on the west coast!

Reportedly, her role in the ad was actually played by a body double! According to reports, the lookalike was behind the wheel of the car in the Bronx, while J-Lo herself was in L.A., where she filmed her part inside of the Fiat 500. The production company then merged the live action and CGI scenes into one seamless commercial, making it appear as if Jennifer was really in New York.

Funnily enough, in the commercial voiceover, she said, “This is my world. This place inspires me. They may be just streets to you, but to me they’re a playground.”

It must not have inspired her enough to actually go back to the Bronx to do her own filming! In the ad, it shows barbershop owner Eligio Cueto, but he revealed that it wasn’t J-Lo behind the wheel of the car when it drove by his shop. He said, “It wasn’t her, it was a double that looked like her.”

Fake, fake, fake!

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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