Jennifer Lopez Told Not To Introduce Her Twins To Bradley Cooper

Jennifer Lopez Told Not To Introduce Her Twins To Bradley Cooper

It’s nothing but drama, drama, drama for American Idol judge Jennifer Lopez!

Rumors first hit the internet that J-Lo was hooking up with movie hunk Bradley Cooper back in September. The rumors quickly died down, but resurfaced in mid-October. Even though they tried to play off their union as some kind of business function, we called BS after the photos of them together crept up.

Since, he’s been trying really hard to romance Jenny from the block, even going as far as flying out to Miami to see her. More recently, Bradley’s own mother, Gloria, has urged her son to stay away from J-Lo and even went as far as calling her a diva. Well, there’s a newsflash, right?

As if all of that weren’t bad enough, Jennifer’s ex-husband, Marc Anthony, is trying to ban her from introducing her twins, Max and Emme, to her hot boyfriend. A source revealed, “Marc doesn’t want Bradley playing dad to their twins Max and Emme.”

In a recent interview, Jennifer said that she’ll take that step if and when the relationship gets serious. She said, “As a mom and having children right now they are my first priority and because of them I wouldn’t even comment on anything to do with men unless I am in a serious relationship. It would not be good for my kids and it would just be confusing for them and it would be unfair and so at the end of the day it is about them.”

Photo Credit: Fame Pictures

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