Jenny McCarthy Describes Donnie Wahlberg In Bed

Jenny McCarthy Describes Donnie Wahlberg In Bed

Jenny McCarthy and Donnie Wahlberg have been married since August 31st and she apparently cannot stop gushing about the guy. As a newlywed, she is not shy about going into detail about her husband’s manhood.

McCarthy opened up about her husband’s personal business during a taped interview with Andy Cohen on “Watch What Happens Live”. A caller called in to ask if sex had changed between the two because of their marriage.

She said, “Without a doubt, it gets better every single time I make love to him. First of all, he has the most beautiful penis I’ve ever seen in my life. But you what what it is, he knows how to use it!”

Jenny McCarthy Describes Donnie Wahlberg In Bed

Fellow guest Tom Bergeron interjected to ask what makes Wahlberg’s penis the “most beautiful penis”, she didn’t hold back. She said, “Sometimes they’re deformed looking and sometimes they’re a different color that you’re not used to. Some are, like, purple. Some are pink. The size is perfect. I can’t get too descriptive. But, you know what I mean! It fits my vagina perfectly and hits the spots right. But the thing about it is…he makes love to a woman.”

Wahlberg, seated in the audience, then spoke up to say, “Not any woman! Just you!”

She also revealed that she didn’t give into having sex with Wahlberg so quickly after they began dating. She revealed, “I know there was a two in it, so I don’t know if it was two days, two weeks or two months. Remember, it took two weeks for him to call me. I gave him my phone number and he didn’t call me.”

McCarthy then recalled how she met Donnie on the show and then invited him to appear on her show. She said, “I thought he was married on your show, and then he went on my show, and I was like, ‘He’s single? I want to sit on his face.’ That’s what I told him. And then I gave him my phone number…and he didn’t call for two weeks. And then we went out and I knew from date one I was going to marry him.”

In another interview, McCarthy said that sex has gotten better as she’s gotten older. She revealed, “I never thought it would be. I thought I would become insecure as I got older. But as you get older, you know what you like. Then you learn what making love really is when you meet your soulmate. But with Donnie it’s wonderful. There is no challenging parts. Every night, I have that feeling like when your mom tells you a friend can sleep over that night. I feel like it’s a gift every night I go to bed with him.”

McCarthy has one child with ex-husband John Mallory Asher while Wahlberg has two kids with ex-wife Kim Fey. As far as having more children, she said that is not in the cards. She revealed, “My uterus is closed for business. My doctor said I’m very fertile…but I just can’t do it! I tell Donnie all the time if it was 20 years ago, I would love to have his baby. If there’s an ‘oo-oo’, of course I’d keep it.”

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