Jes Rickleff ditched Bret Michaels

After all of that whining and crying on TV and making it look so freakin’ real, I hear this crap. The winner of the first season of Bret Michaels’ Rock of Love, Jes Rickleff, ditched the rocker for a designer back in the windy city:

REALITY TV-show relationships don’t last long, especially at VH1. In fact, “Rock of Love” star Brett Michaels never even got started with the “girlfriend” he selected last season, Jes Rickleff. Sources tell The Post’s Melissa Jane Kronfeld that Michaels was informed by the pink-haired punk rocker over the phone that she had taken up with a Chicago clothing designer upon returning home to the windy city. VH1 has renewed “Rock of Love” for a second season, but has not announced if Michaels will be its heartthrob.

What the crap?!?!?!?

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