Jessica Biel’s Parents Hate Justin Timberlake?

Jessica Biel's Parents Hate Justin Timberlake?

Jessica Biel’s parents aren’t really that fond of her fiancee, Justin Timberlake. In fact, it’s being rumored that they actually hate him! Even worse is that they don’t really trust his intentions and remain suspicious of him.

A pal of Justin’s revealed, “Justin has tried everything to win over Jessica’s family – gifts, wining and dining her parents, attending key family events, and even giving her brother Justin a job, only to have it thrown back in his face. He finally got frustrated and blew up at Jessica. She begged him to have patience and assured him that she loves him and has faith in him.”

A source close to Jessica’s family said, “Jessica’s dad and her mom Kim will never forget the hurt Justin caused their daughter when they split early last year. They’d been together for four years and she put up with so much, including his on-set affair with Mila Kunis and him hooking up with Olivia Munn shortly before they split.”

Her parents are said to be worried that he’s going to cheat on her again. The pal said, “Justin refuses to sell his bachelor pad on Mulholland Drive, and that’s left a foul taste in her dad’s mouth. Justin insists he wants to keep his boys-only parties away from Jessica’s house, where he normally stays. But even when Jessica offered to build him a man cave on her property for him, he refused to sell. As far as her parents are concerned, these are not the actions of a man who’s serious about settling down – and no amount of cash-flashing will convince them otherwise.”

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