Jessica Simpson & Eric Johnson Divided On Their Child’s Birth

Jessica Simpson is nearing the last trimester of her pregnancy and she and fiancee Eric Johnson are said to be divided on how their baby is born. She wants to have a C-section, while he wants her to have a natural childbirth.

She’s gearing up for a Spring baby, as she’s previously said. It was also rumored that Jess was out shopping for pink things for their impending arrival, so that must mean that they’re having a girl.

Either way, it’s not really up to the guy if he isn’t the one squeezing something the size of a football out of a place that is the size of a golf ball.

A source revealed, “Jessica initially wanted a natural birth, but changed her mind. And now she’s fighting with Eric about the delivery. He thinks the baby should have a natural water birth, while she wants to have a C-section so she doesn’t have to deal with a prolonged labor or pain.”

The source went on to say, “She’s tired of carrying the baby, feeling bloated and experiencing the usual inconveniences of being pregnant. And with the hormones really kicking in, Jessica put her foot down. If she wants a C-section, I am sure she’ll get one.”

Eric, just go with it man. She doesn’t want to wreck the downstairs fun zone.

Photo Credit: ©Bruja,

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