Jessica Simpson’s Weight Is Fluctuating Prior To Eric Johnson Wedding

Jessica Simpson's Weight Is Fluctuating Prior To Eric Johnson Wedding

Welcome to life in your thirties, Jessica!

Jessica Simpson has recently turned 31-years-old and is still in preparatory mode for her upcoming wedding to fiancee Eric Johnson. She has found that staying fit for her wedding is harder than ever. She’s also worried about how she’s going to look in the wedding gown that she’s designing herself.

A source close to the fashion mogul said, “Jess is freaking out over her figure. She dropped twenty pounds this spring but gained ten back.”

Was she expecting things to be the same as they were when she was in her twenties or younger? The pal went on to reveal, “Since the beginning of June, she’s been working out two hours a day, six days a week. She’s constantly in a bad mood, nearly starving on a 1,500 calorie-a-day diet, and even admits she’s absolutely miserable instead of filled with happiness and excitement. Poor Jessica, she should be basking in the glow of pre-wedding joy. Instead, she’s stressed to the max.”

It’s not like Eric is going to be looking at her in her wedding dress anyways. He’s more likely to take her checkbook on a honeymoon. Ha.

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