Jewel Kilcher Displays Perfect Teeth For Role As June Carter Cash

Jewel Kilcher Displays Perfect Teeth For Role As June Carter Cash

Singer turned actress Jewel Kilcher has opted to fix her teeth to play the role of June Carter Cash in the upcoming Lifetime biopic, “Ring Of Fire”. The 38-year-old also opted to dye her hair brown and wear blue contact lenses for the role.

She took to her official Twitter page to tweet the above photo and say, “Here I am as June in my trailer with her blue eyes and perfect teeth #ringoffire”.

She said in a new interview on Wednesday that the straight teeth that she is donning for the movie are only temporary. At the end of the month when the movie is done filming, she will revert back to her original chompers.

The movie is set to make its debut on the Lifetime Channel later on this year. The flick is based on June Carter Cash’s son John’s memoir, titled “Anchored In Love: An Intimate Portrait Of June Carter Cash”. The book covers the singer’s early life, her solo career, three marriages and relationships with her children. In addition, it covers her role in assisting her third husband, Johnny Cash, overcome his issues with substance abuse.

If we asked if you would watch the Elizabeth Taylor biopic or this one, which would you rather? Weigh in below!

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