Joan Rivers Autopsy Never Done; Official Cause Of Death A Mystery

Joan Rivers Autopsy Never Done; Official Cause Of Death A Mystery

Fans of late comedienne Joan Rivers may never know her actual cause of death because an autopsy was never done. It was previously reported that Rivers’ cause of death was a lack of oxygen to her brain during what was thought to be a routine surgery, but now friends and family may never know.

Sources connected to the NYC Medical Examiner tell us … Melissa Rivers was despondent when Joan died and told doctors she did not want an autopsy performed. According to New York law, doctors will honor such a request if there’s no evidence of criminality associated with the death.

The Medical Examiner has concluded the cause of death was deprivation of oxygen which caused irreversible brain damage. We’re told they determined the “predictable” complication involved the procedure itself and not Propofol.

Here’s the problem … we’re told without an autopsy it’s impossible to pinpoint the nature of the problem. As one source said, an autopsy might reveal a puncture in the throat or other trauma.

The only way Joan’s family might get a definitive answer is if a doctor or nurse owns up to a possible mistake … and even then it’s just someone’s word.

We’re not sure why Melissa wouldn’t request an autopsy to be done, considering the probability of wrongdoing in this case. Be that as it may, we can’t blame her for not wanting to subject her mother’s remains to an autopsy. What do you think? Hit the comments below and have your say.

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