Joe Gendreau Talks ‘The Bachelorette’ Exit

Joe Gendreau Talks 'The Bachelorette' Exit

On the May 21st episode of “The Bachelorette”, Emily Maynard dismissed Joe Gendreau after their date didn’t work out. The atmosphere on their date was completely awkward and it didn’t appear that they were into each other at all. Now, he’s opening up about the experience.

When asked about what went wrong on their date, he said, “We really didn’t hit it off with each other. We are in different places in our lives. I was a single, free-spirited individual. She was looking for someone more settled and committed to family and work.”

He also said that his five-year plans were different than hers and that caused a problem for them to be able to move on together. He said, “I agree that altered her decision. I said, ‘I want to be happy with no regrets.’ I think she was more looking for more detail like, ‘I want to be here with these many kids.’ I didn’t take offense. She’s determined in what she wants and she didn’t see that in me.”

He doesn’t regret answering in the manner that he did, either. He said, “That’s something I’d like to achieve. I answered truthfully. That’s me being myself.”

After having seen the show, he was asked if he thought it was the right call for Emily. He said, “Whether she made the right decision is on her. After she made her mind up, I was content to move on. I was really happy with everything that happened. I went in open-minded and put myself out there. We just didn’t click. She was very sweet, and I wish her the best. I’m sure she’ll find the right guy.”

Are you watching this season of “The Bachelorette” with Emily Maynard? Who do you think she’s going to end up with? Our money is on Ryan. What do you think?

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