Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene are good to their fans!

Joe Jonas & Ashley Greene are good to their fans!

On Saturday, Joe Jonas and girlfriend Ashley Greene had dinner in Baton Rouge, Louisiana, but took time out from their meal and posed for photos with fans and signed autographs!

Fans were surprised that the duo were so down to Earth and happily obliged their requests. They were enjoying a late night meal at the Ichiban Japanese Grill and Sushi Bar, but stopped to chat up fans and pose for photos.

One of the managers of the restaurant said, “They were really friendly. They just walked in, sat down, and the word started going around that they were here. They each had a Hibachi meal and some sushi. The kitchen crew and wait staff were excited to see them. Some of them stayed late because they were hoping to get their picture.”

The manager added, “I don’t watch the Twilight movies, so I wasn’t so familiar with them. But everyone else in the restaurant knew who they were. They were definitely there together, as a couple. I have to say, they were very nice. I think they’ll come back.”

Of course the manager is going to say that they’ll come back….It’s good for business!

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