Joe Manganiello Covers ‘People’ Magazine’s Hottest Bachelors Issue

Joe Manganiello Covers 'People' Magazine's Hottest Bachelors Issue

True Blood’s resident werewolf Joe Manganiello is single and he knows exactly what he’s looking for in a woman. In the latest issue of “People” magazine, he shows off his body on the cover — as well he should — it’s the most hottest bachelors issue!

“I am part Sicilian,” he tells PEOPLE in this week’s cover story. “I am passionate. I am a hot-blooded person. If you don’t like spicy, then maybe I’m not for you.”

The star, 37, who plays sexy werewolf Alcide on HBO’s True Blood and makes his directorial debut with the new documentary La Bare, opens up about everything from his first crush (Princess Leia!) to his perfect kiss (“like you’re off the planet”) to whether he believes in true love.

“I think the crazy love that you fall into in the beginning turns into ‘like’ and ‘need.’ Chris Rock told me that!” says the Pittsburgh native, who is set to reprise his role as a stripper in the upcoming Magic Mike sequel. “He’s like, ‘Kid, you wanna get married? Listen, there’s love, and you can feel love the first night, but that’s not what it is. It’s, ‘I like you and I need you.’ ”

No matter what, he says, “I’m at my best when I have someone to wake up next to.”

As for his favorite part of a woman, “I’m big into smell,” he says. “It’s funny I got cast as a werewolf. There’s something about the smell on that part of a woman’s neck where it meets the jaw, ahhhh! It’s heaven.”

Ladies, any takers?

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