John Mayer still gets heckled about Jennifer Aniston

John Mayer still gets heckled about Jennifer Aniston

It’s like the rest of the world outside of celebrity gossip circles just realized what we’ve already known for ages: John Mayer is an epic douchebucket. EPIC. There, we said it. And we would totally say it to your face, too, John. Because that’s how we roll.

John pulled out the douchey shenanigans with his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Aniston — Thus being the reason why she’s his “EX-GIRLFRIEND”.

A snitch who recently hung out with his Royal Douchiness said that John was picked on and heckled by people on the street because of the notches on his bedpost.

The spy said, “Girls came up and yelled at him, saying he was a horrible person. Girls asked how he could treat women the way he did. People would tell him exactly what they thought of him.”

In their defense, John did dare everyone to tell him that they thought he was a douchebag if that’s how they genuinely felt. So in a way, he was asking for it.

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