John Mayer & Taylor Swift are secretly dating

We totally called this one. While it was said that Selena Gomez cockblocked Taylor Lautner, Taylor Swift’s heart fell into the hands of John Mayer.

Reportedly Mayer and Swift shared a nice intimate dinner together at Il Ristorante di Giorgio Baldi in Santa Monica on January 6th.

A snitch said, “They came in together and got a private table in a corner of the restaurant. They seemed to really enjoy each other’s company. They definitely looked like a couple. John was telling stories, and she was hanging on every word!”

I can’t imagine John being that interesting, but whatever. Are you buying this?

John Mayer & Taylor Swift are secretly dating was last modified: July 1st, 2015 by Lydia Harris
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  • Jane

    This has BS written all over it. Taylor wouldn’t date a guy like him. He’s 12 years older and has a history of drug use. Not to mention she strongly finds being single as a gift. If by some happenstance they were out together (which im sure her mother would be with her too) they were probably discussing a possible collaboration. She is in the middle of recording her new album.

  • loool

    This aint true.. i think they are just friends !

  • Lara

    To answer the question, HELL TO THE NO! Like Jane said, this story has BS written all over it. And consider the source: Star magazine. Nuff said!

  • coffeecup

    Taylor was at the People’s choice awards in LA on January 6th. You information is wrong. This story is just plain stupid.

  • Jessie

    This is total crap, he’s so much older then her! Why would she date such an old dude? She’s so young and fresh and he reminds me of a dried up peace of spegetti D:

  • JT


  • cdt

    The original article apparently says that they stay for two hours and left around 10. Hmm Taylor was at the PCAs on Jan. 6. The ceremony ended around 8 and Taylor definately hung around afterwards.

    Furthermore, IF this dinner really did occur (which I doubt it did), I’m 100% positive Taylor’s mom was there and this was nothing more or less than a dinner between friends.

  • Amy

    Taylor’s parents should keep the girl as far away from John Mayer as humanly possible. I’m serious. Just read his interview in the latest issue of Rolling Stone, he is DISGUSTING! My God, I can’t imagine any woman wanting to date John after knowing all of those stomach-turning details. Mr and Mrs. Swift, if you are reading this, please don’t allow John to corrupt your daughter. He is T-R-O-U-B-L-E.

  • eipvb

    John Mayer is sexy, guys. That you can’t deny.

  • Bill Wyman

    Hit that John!!!

  • stupid

    I ate at the McDonalds yesterday or was it Mc Dowels and had a cheesburger and Fries with Ronald McDonald…

  • Bill

    John Mayer is a freakin tool… He has no respect for women, and I'm waiting for the day that one of the many women he has talked trash about, doubles up and pops this guy right in the mouth. Now I hear that he is kinda dating Taylor Swift… What is wrong with this guy??? I know if my daughters were that old and he came near either of them, I'd kick his ass so high he'd have to take his shirt off to shit. I'm really surprised Taylors dad has not beat the piss outta this guy already. To Mayer directly… I wouldn't never let you play lead for me. I'd never want anyone to think I had any kind of affiliation with you. So just keep running your mouth,… eventually you'll dig your own grave.