Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Cover OK! Magazine; Pregnant?

Johnny Depp And Amber Heard Cover OK! Magazine; Pregnant?

The cover of the latest issue of “OK!” magazine sparked some pretty serious rumors for newly engaged couple Johnny Depp and Amber Heard. Perhaps the magazine should’ve consulted the couple before popping up with some rumors that she is already pregnant?

The tabloid reports that the couple revealed their upcoming baby news at their engagement party. In addition, Johnny and Amber are said to be tying the knot on his private island and they have a quote from the actor with regard to his relationship: “This is a new life for me.”

Yes, we are sure that this is a whole new life for him now that he is planning on marrying Amber, but the public needs to remember that his old life produced two children, Lily Rose and Jack. Still, we are happy for Johnny and Amber if they are happy. We doubt that “OK!” has any inside scoop on anything related to their relationship and is merely looking to sell copies of their magazine.

In addition, the tabloid also claims to have the inside scoop on Her Royal Highness, Duchess Kate Middleton. The magazine reports that she and Prince William are gearing up for an announcement that they are having twins together. Surely, when the royal Palace opts to make any official announcement about the future King and Queen of England, “OK!” will most definitely not be the first to announce the news to the public. Again, they are obviously going with whatever they think will sell copies of their magazine to unsuspecting women in line at the grocery store.

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Lastly, the magazine covers a tidbit on “Teen Mom” star Jenelle and how she is pregnant and has been betrayed. Since we don’t follow too much gossip with regard to “Teen Mom” and taking into consideration the magazine’s track record with the truth, we’re guessing that this story is nothing but malarky. Call it a hunch.

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