Johnny Depp Confirms Amber Heard Engagement

Johnny Depp Confirms Amber Heard Engagement

You may have heard the reports that Johnny Depp and Amber Heard have gotten engaged and it wasn’t confirmed until now. Johnny has come forward to confirm the news that he popped the question to his lady love.

In a new interview while in Beijing on Monday, a reporter asked Johnny if the reports of an engagement are true. He revealed, “The fact that I’m wearing a chick’s ring on my finger is probably a dead giveaway. Not very subtle. ”

The actor was said to have been wearing a “single diamond on a band around his ring finger.”

Another snitch revealed that the engagement ring that he gave Amber was “too big for her, so he started wearing it.”

When asked about plans for their wedding, he replied, “I think that I would be better at making women’s shoes than I would be at wedding planning, I can’t plan anything. I’m really bad at that stuff.”

A source has previously said that Johnny was pushing his fiance away with his plans to tie the knot as quickly as possible. The spy said, “When Johnny and Amber first started hooking up, it was very hot and heavy. Amber lives her life on the edge, and that’s how she felt her relationship with Johnny was – a scandalous secret affair. But he soon wanted something serious with her. She cares about Johnny, but she’s a free spirit who never envisioned herself marrying anyone. Still, she felt like she had to say yes when he proposed or she would lose him.”

The source added, “Amber is very insecure about the prospect of marriage, wondering if she’s making the right decision. And as Johnny pressures her to set a date, those feelings are almost too much for her to handle.”

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