Jon Gosselin Is A DJ Now

Jon Gosselin Is A DJ Now

While Kate Gosselin continues to court television opportunities, her ex-husband Jon Gosselin has opted to work as a disc jockey. He’s had several jobs in the past five years, including waiting tables, creating apps for businesses and installing solar panels, but DJing is something that he completely enjoys.

He said, “I love it. The hours are great. I get to go out, have a good time with all my friends, play the music I like to hear and have the day to myself.”

Of his former notoriety on the show Jon & Kate Plus 8, he said, “It’s not going away, so I figure I’m just going to take advantage of it.”

People reports that he takes on anywhere between twelve and fifteen gigs per month, working at places like the Bally Hotel in Bally, Pennsylvania and the Sportsmen’s Cafe in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

With regard to the job, he said, “It’s not easy. You have to know what you’re doing. You have to keep the flow. If you’re going to do a playlist you might as well have a jukebox. I play to the crowd. I’ll go back to the fifties and play some James Brown then into the eighties: Prince and stuff like that. Then into the nineties, and then Taylor Swift or whatever. I just move around.”

With regard to taking requests, he said, “Absolutely.”

When asked if he’ll do weddings, the answer is no. He said, “I’ve had bad experiences. The brides get pissed. I’ve been at people’s weddings and then their guests start taking pictures of me and it’s not good. It’s an uncomfortable situation. We’re not talking about going to a wedding in L.A. where everyone’s famous and on TV. Around here, it’s different.”

Do you think Jon Gosselin should stick to being a celebrity DJ? Or perhaps one day we will get the full story on his divorce from Kate Gosselin in a tell-all book? Now that would be something, wouldn’t it?

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