Justin Bieber almost arrested

Justin Bieber was a about to perform at the Maryland State Fair when he got a stupid idea in his head. He lobbed a water balloon into the crowd and hit a sate trooper soaking his pants in water. The cop was epically ticked off (I don’t blame him because if a little retarded flippy haired moron hit me with a water balloon, I’d be ticked off, too).

I think that the trooper should have arrested him for being a nuisance to everybody who hates Bieber as much as I do. I’m no expert but, I’m pretty sure hitting a state trooper with anything is a felony. After he hit the trooper he booked it towards his trailer where his bodyguards put him under trailer arrest.

If he hit me below the belt with a water balloon I would chase him down the street with the nearest blunt object and beat him with it until he couldn’t see straight.

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