Justin Bieber apologizes for airplane drama

Justin Bieber apologizes for airplane drama

After his concert appearance in Sydney, Australia, where he was pelted with eggs, Justin Bieber boarded an airplane for Melbourne. The teen singer was said to be misbehaving as the plane was preparing for takeoff.

Last night, the Biebz got into some trouble with the cabin crew, as he ignored their requests for him to sit down as the plane was about to leave the runway. A flight attendant had to put him in his place!

Another passenger, Paul Howes, was on the same flight right behind Justin…so he took to his Twitter account to talk about the drama. He said, “I was sitting right behind him….he did say sorry after being quite naughty…He was a little naughty but did apologize and the flight attendant wasn’t out of order.”

Good for her for telling him who’s in charge!

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