Justin Bieber Apologizes For Being A Massive Brat, Promises To Change

Justin Bieber Apology Video
Justin Bieber wants his fans and his haters to know that he realizes his actions over the last few years have been wrong.

In a video posted to his Facebook page, Bieber admits to being arrogant and conceited.

“I didn’t want to come off arrogant or conceited, or basically how I’ve been acting the past year and a half. And I’m not who I was pretending to be,” he said. “I say pretending [because] often we pretend to be something we’re not as a cover up of what we’re truly feeling inside.”

Bieber almost sounded like he was holding back tears as he proclaimed:

“Just being young and growing up in this business is hard. Just growing up in general is hard. I want people to know how much I care about people. I’m not that person to say ‘I don’t give a fuck.’ I’m not that kid. I’m a person who genuinely cares.”

Here is Bieber’s full apology video:

You can see Justin Bieber this March when he is roasted on Comedy Central.

[Photo Credit: Pascal Parvex]

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