Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI And Drag Racing In Miami

Justin Bieber Arrested For DUI And Drag Racing In Miami

It appears that being rich and famous can only get you out of so much. Just ask teen singer Justin Bieber, who was just arrested in Miami, Florida for driving under the influence and drag racing. Has he not been able to learn a lesson about drinking and driving — drag racing, no less?!? It’s a lethal combination! TMZ has the scoop:

Law enforcement tells us … Bieber was busted in Miami Beach for both DUI and drag racing.

The arrest occurred early Thursday morning.

Bieber is now in custody and is at the police department where he is being tested — presumably to more precisely measure his blood alcohol level.

His next stop will be jail, where he will be booked and processed and bail will be set.

Based on what we know … the traffic stop was for drag racing and cops determined he was driving under the influence.

There really aren’t a whole lot of details surrounding his arrest, but if he was stupid enough to go drag racing after drinking underage, then he definitely deserves everything he gets. He is just lucky that no one was hurt (hopefully), including himself and his friends.

This story is developing, so stay tuned to Earsucker for all of the latest scoops!

UPDATE: This is just in from the Miami Herald:

Pop star Justin Bieber was arrested in Miami Beach for DUI and drag-racing, Miami Herald news partner CBS4 is reporting Thursday morning.

Bieber has been in town the past few days, and was reportedly visiting a club on Lincoln Road Wednesday night.

We’re guessing that since Justin Bieber is a first-time offender, that it is more likely that he will get off with a fine, community service and perhaps some probation. We have yet to hear whether or not Justin refused a field sobriety test or if he took one and failed it. Stay tuned for the latest right here!

Here’s what we’ve learned… In Florida, for a first-time offense, the punishment isn’t too steep. A first offense will cost the Biebz a fine of anywhere between $500 and $1,000. Along with the monetary punishment, he is likely to receive 50 hours of community service, probation of up to one year and his vehicle will remain impounded for ten days. It’s unlikely that he will be made to stay in jail for six months, but it is a possibility, no matter how remote.

UPDATE: Police sources state that Justin was driving a rented Lamborghini, so we’re guessing that he doesn’t really care if the car stays in the impound lot. We’ve also learned that the police are still holding Justin, pending blood tests.

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