Justin Bieber Baptized In New York Bathtub

Justin Bieber Baptized In New York Bathtub

Justin Bieber was recently the target of an online video leak showing that he was actually a racist douchebag as a teenager. Since the videos went viral, several prominent African American people have jumped to his defense, basically saying that he isn’t a racist — despite his many uses of the N-word. So, in order to wash himself clean of his previous stupidity, Justin has decided to have a baptism in a bathtub. We know, it doesn’t make sense to any of us, either.

Justin was joined at a hotel by New York City pastor Carl Lentz where he was baptized in a bathtub. Apparently that decision was made because Justin didn’t want to attract any unwanted attention from his Beliebers or the paparazzi. He wanted to keep the “whole thing private”, but the news got out anyway… Gee, we’re wondering how that happened….

Justin has previously apologized for his racist comments and has had the likes of Usher rushing to his defense. The R&B singer said, “What is now is a young man faced with an opportunity to become his best self, an example to the millions of kids that follow him to not make the same mistakes.”

Sorry Biebz, but you get no hood pass, but we’re guessing that his fans wouldn’t care if he kicked puppies while slaughtering kittens. You know they would find a way to justify his behavior and make excuses for it.

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