Justin Bieber Breaks Silence After Arrest On Twitter

Justin Bieber Breaks Silence After Arrest On Twitter

If you didn’t already know, teen singer Justin Bieber had a pretty eventful week. He was arrested in Miami, Florida on Thursday morning after drag racing in the streets. The officer noticed alcohol coming from Justin’s breath, so he was arrested for drag racing, DUI and resisting arrest.

He appeared in court via satellite and it wasn’t long before his staff was paying the $2,500 bail to get him released. During his time incarcerated, he ratted out his own mother for giving him prescription Xanax. It wasn’t said as to whether or not the prescription was hers or his, but it’s a pretty douchey move to give up your own mom, isn’t it?

After his release, Justin didn’t hang his head in shame. Instead, he perched himself atop an awaiting SUV and waved to his loyal fans along with the media. Since, he decided to break his silence on Twitter. He shared, “YOU ARE ALL WORTHY NO MATTER WHAT ANYONE SAYS >> BE STRONG GOD IS WITH US ALL> MY BELIEBERS CHANGED MY LIFE> I WILL FOREVER BE GRATEFUL”.

Afterward, he retweeted a fan’s sentiment, saying, “YOU saved my life and everyday i am grateful to YOU. Never change for anyone. You are an amazing kind soul @justinbieber”.

On his official Instagram account, Justin shared a side-by-side photo of himself and the King of Pop Michael Jackson. The photo shows Justin on top of the SUV waving to fans, while the split photo of Michael shows him giving the peace sign to his hordes of fans after his child molestation trial in 2004. Along with the picture, he shared the caption, “What more can they say”.

What they can say is that Justin isn’t half of the entertainer that Michael was — nor will he ever be. There really is no comparison whatsoever. What do you think?

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