Justin Bieber Contemplating A Lip Tattoo

The tween sensation, Justin Bieber, has been thinking about getting a new tattoo for quite some time. When he was spotted at a frozen yoghurt joint in Los Angeles, he allegedly saw a tattoo on the man serving him his yogurt that he found a liking to. Bieber told the man that he had been thinking about getting one done in a similar spot, but he wasn’t quite sure what he wanted it to be.

The source claimed, “Justin saw the tattoo inside my bottom lip and said he wanted to get one too. He thought it was pretty cool.”

The singer originally got his first tattoo in 2010 with his father alongside him in the parlor. The tattoo was of a bird on his left hip. It turns out that these bird tattoos are a family tradition for the Biebers, as many of them have them on their wrists.

Sources say that it might be possible that the star is getting the tattoo to impress his girlfriend, Selena Gomez. Selena just recently got a heart tattooed on her wrist not too long ago.

Seems to me that celebrities are taking this tattoo thing out of hand. Because tattoos are “in” this time around, many celebrities are getting some pretty ridiculous tattoos. Nobody is even going to see a tattoo on the inside of your lip anyways.

Photo Credit: Survivor, PacificCoastNews.com

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