Justin Bieber Involved In Paparazzi Car Chase

Justin Bieber Involved In Paparazzi Car Chase

Teen singer Justin Bieber is a speed demon! Who knew?!?

According to the latest gossip, Justin reached speeds as high as 100 mph, if not even higher than that. Apparently he was racing away from dangerously driving paparazzi in Los Angeles. Former LAPD traffic officer Dennis Zine says that the singer deserves to be jailed for his reckless driving. After being pulled over, he was given a fine.

Ten people called 911 to report that Justin was speeding and being pursued by photographers. Dennis Zine claims that regardless of the circumstances, Justin had no right to drive at such a crazy speed. He said that Justin risked his own life along with the lives of all of the other drivers on the freeway.

Justin’s team disagrees that he was going 100 mph, claiming that he was cited for going 80 mph. It hasn’t been said if the paparazzi who were chasing Justin were pulled over or fined for the dangerous chase. We’ve heard that Justin is filing a complaint against one of the snappers who chased him down the 101 freeway.

Justin is apparently perceptive, as officers visited him on the set of his new music video, he offered up the offending photographer’s license plate number. The situation is currently under investigation.

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