Justin Bieber Is Convinced Selena Gomez Will Dump DJ Zedd And Come Back To Him

Justin Bieber Convinced Selena Gomez Dump DJ Zedd And Come Back To Him

Selena Gomez is looking all cute and cozied up with her rumored new boyfriend DJ Zedd. So much, in fact, that we are all pretty sure that she has moved on from Canadian singer Justin Bieber to the DJ. They make a cuter couple than Jelena anyway, no?

Selena has been put through a lot as Justin’s girlfriend. He has reportedly cheated on her several times with several different girls. Still, he always seemed to make up for all of it with a florist’s shop full of roses or something else that would otherwise be super sweet.

Now that she has moved on to someone else, he feels that he’s not over her. Go figure. A new report surrounding the former couple has revealed that he still only wants Selena Gomez and feels that one day she will come back to him.

A source revealed, “He misses Selena a lot and is just staying busy with his music. He’s not interested in being in a serious relationship with anyone. Selena was and is still the only girl he would consider marrying. He still thinks she will come back to him.”

Despite all of that, Selena is trying to focus on her new relationship with Zedd. They are said to be getting closer to one another despite never confirming that they are actually dating. A source revealed, “Selena is really excited about her future with Zedd. They bond on every level and she’s just in the best place ever. She loves that she doesn’t have to play down her feelings for Zedd on social media like she had to do with Justin.”

Justin Bieber’s own arrogance has led him to believe that Selena and Zedd are in a rebound relationship and he doesn’t feel that they are going to last. The source said, “Justin is in complete denial about Selena and Zedd. He thinks she’s in a rebound relationship and will eventually come to her senses.”

Will Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber eventually reconcile or will she continue to be with DJ Zedd? Have your say in the comments section below.

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