Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Broke Up Over Trust Issues

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Broke Up Over Trust Issues

Teen singer Justin Bieber and Disney starlet Selena Gomez have just broken up, but we’ve learned the reasoning behind the split: trust issues! Is anyone shocked?

Both “People” magazine and “Us Weekly” have confirmed the young couple’s split. “People” magazine’s source has basically the same quote from a “source” which cited the trust issues explanation. “People’s” source said, “She broke up with him about a week ago. With them being apart so much it got complicated. She had some trust issues. It’s not easy, but the relationship needed to end.”

“Us Weekly’s” source said, “Selena broke up with Justin about a week ago. It’s been a really challenging experience over the last year because of their crazy schedules. Selena definitely had some major trust issues with Justin.”

Still, there might be hope for the young couple after all. The magazine’s source said, “They are [young]…it changes from day to day. Right now it is a break and tomorrow it could be back on knowing them…it’s hard to say how they will end up. Maybe she feels more serious about it this time. We’ll see.”

Rumors suggested that Justin could have been sneaking around on Selena with Victoria’s Secret model Barbara Palvin. Reports of anything serious between them were denied, but maybe that’s where her trust issues were coming into play? It was also reported that Justin feels confident that he’ll be able to get Selena back. Perhaps there is hope for them? Do you think they are going to get back together?

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