Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez To Reconcile?

Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez To Reconcile?

According to the latest gossip, teen singer Justin Bieber and his former Disney star girlfriend Selena Gomez are looking to reconcile! Could it be true? Is Jelena going to get back together once and for all?

We have known for a while that Justin was still holding a candle for Selena, despite all of the reports suggesting that he may have moved on. Still, we weren’t sure if she was feeling the same for him. Now, we’ve learned that a possible reconciliation could be in the works for the young couple!

A source close to the situation has revealed that the former couple are back on speaking terms once again and they could possibly be looking to give their relationship another chance. A source revealed, “Justin is going hard to get her back. They weren’t talking but he wore her down again and she’s taking his calls again.”

The source continued, “She wants to keep it strictly friends, but it’s a slippery slope on that because they have such intense chemistry, she’s just built up walls to protect herself. Justin has major game, he’s good at saying all the right things. And he’s looking hot! I’d say there’s a good chance they’ll go for another round. Of course, all her friends are hoping she’ll stay strong and keep him in the friend zone.”

We’re pretty sure that Justin’s mother might be behind his attempts to get back together with Selena. Pattie Mallette really likes them together, considering that Selena just keeps Justin in line moreso than anyone else can.

What do you think? Will they reconcile or are they better off apart? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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